Steady State and Flourishing Capital Announce Strategic DeFi Risk Analysis and Insurance Collaboration

We're excited to announce our strategic collaboration with Flourishing Capital! Following the footsteps of last week's AuBit partnership, we combine forces with Flourishing Capital and bring the best of both worlds together. Steady State index pools will be made available to Flourishing Capital users, and we'll explore their proprietary AI technology in developing our Risk Analysis Database (RAD).

The future is bright for our communities as we engage in exciting ways to grow bigger and more efficiently than ever before!

Flourishing Capital's AI technology learns and evolves

Consider an individual trying to make an informed decision regarding their trading portfolio. They have access to data from thousands of endpoints; however, human analysis doesn't work on all timeframes. By waiting too long before acting, markets change, making any analysis obsolete when action is taken.

Flourishing Capital's AI technology - FlourishingAI - is designed as a portfolio manager, helping traders make informed trading decisions. Unlike bots and automated systems, FlourishingAI uses deep learning to gather market data intelligently, so users have increased confidence when trading their money- the AI scans historical patterns to predict future bullish or bearish market movements.

Steady State welcomes Flourishing Capitals expansive AI Technology

Steady State is constantly seeking out and expanding our ever-growing ecosystem through collaboration with highly-rated crypto projects. Flourishing Capital users will enjoy access to our index pools to minimize systemic DeFi risks. In the wake of increasing DeFi hacks and exploits, our index pools enable Flourishing Capital users the opportunity to stay protected from such calamities.  

The FlourishingAI employs both on-chain metrics and human sentiment to build a neural network that constantly learns, leading to an always-evolving portfolio companion. The system considers previous trading patterns but doesn't necessarily predict future ones; it recognizes what has worked in the past while adapting its thought process for the future. This makes the FlourishingAI an excellent resource for Steady State to explore in assisting our Risk Analysis Database (RAD) development. The RAD's primary aim is to simplify risk assessment through pooling various exploits within DeFi, and the FlourishingAI's machine learning capabilities create perfect exploration opportunities for RAD.

Steady State founder and CEO Jon Libby shared his thoughts on the collaboration, "Flourishing Capital uses revolutionary technology that can transform how individuals trade and bring profitability to their portfolios. We're excited about working with Eric and his team and look forward to an amazing future together for both communities!"  

Eric Gomez, Flourishing Capital CEO, further commented, "Proper risk-adjusted portfolio management and proper DeFi insurance requires quality, large scale risk data,  processed from both on-chain metrics.  We're excited to work alongside Steady State Protocol to develop a common foundation for crypto risk management - a first in the industry."

Our strategic collaboration with Flourishing Capital is additional progress as we strive towards a successful IDO launch. This week, Fireside Chat will be joined by Eric Gonzalez, where he'll discuss why cooperation between both projects has such exciting potential!

To watch Fireside Chat, tune in Wednesday, 22 September @ 2 PM EST.

About Flourishing Capital

Founded in 2020, Flourishing Capital is led by experienced entrepreneurs who’ve held key roles at Goldman Sachs, Nvidia, Oracle, Dun & Bradstreet, and Planview, with a combined three decades of experience in digital assets research and development, payments systems, scalable platform deployment, and acquisitions at companies such as Paypal.

To boost risk-adjusted portfolio return and support a vibrant crypto ecosystem, crypto investors need unbiased, objective, real-time, information grounded in large data set blockchain analysis to rapidly rebalance assets as market conditions change. FlourishingAI platform is the first to market solution to address this need.

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